Visting Poets

Year 7 Poetry Day - 29 March 2017

A day all about POETRY - how we write our feelings and thoughts into shape, create beautiful images with words and words with images and take these from page to stage.

We began the day with a presentation by three poets who performed their poetry for the students - Deborah Emmanuel, Cheyenne Philips and Bronwyn Sharman – all very active writers and performers in the world of poetry here in Singapore. They then went on to workshop with students focusing on the skills of writing and performing poetry. After the students had worked with the Art Department on an activity which combined art and poetry, they were given time to rehearse their poetry. The day culminated with students performing the results of all they had learnt across the day combined with the insights they had gained during their recent English poetry unit.

Deborah Emmanuel

Deborah is a Singaporean writer, performer and four-time TEDx speaker. Her performance work has seen cities like Melbourne, Berlin, London, Bali and Kathmandu , and she has toured alongside people like UK political poet Anthony Anaxagorou and TED speaker Sarah Kay . Deborah is the author of two books, When I Giggle In My Sleep (2015) and Rebel Rites (2016). When not writing or performing poetry, she also performs as an actor on stage and screen and makes music with her bands Wobology and The Ditha Project.

Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips 

Cheyenne is an environmentalist by day, performance poet by night. She has been featured at destination :INK (2016) and SPEAK (2015 and freelances in both the literary and theatre scene in Singapore. She is currently working on a personal project entitled 'Poetic Science'. With anything she does, Cheyenne hopes to be the line in the story that makes you reconsider your views on the world.

Bronwen Sharman

Bronwyn is a Singapore-based poet and veterinarian who writes poetry for both the page and the stage, sometimes for the public, sometimes for private, always for passion.