Holocaust Memorial Day

Wednesday 27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day, where we commemorate the tragedy of the Holocaust during WWII, as well as honour the survivors. Senior School students engaged in a number of activities to remember and reflect upon the horror of what humanity is capable of at its very worst.

The theme this year was 'be the light in the darkness', exploring the role of integrity and how we are always '#BetterTogether'. This week’s History and English lessons delved into issues of humanity and identity. Our student Film Club screened 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', and Spectrum Club further explored the topic of persecution in Nazi Germany. We have curated a selection of books that centre around the Holocaust and stories of survivors and refugees. Click here to view the collection.

The Question read by author Tom Palmer

The five-part read-aloud story is set in the present day about the visit of a Holocaust survivor to a UK school and how the children prepare and reflect on the experience. The survivor is Yossi, one of the main characters from After the War, 75 years on from his liberation, age 91.

Aimed at a Y5 to Y8 audience, the story is told from the point of view of the students.  It is not necessary to have read After the War beforehand, but Chapter 1 of the book can be accessed here or below. There is more about it here: https://tompalmer.co.uk/after-the-war/