Books 4 Bhutan

Great Result for Bhutan

The Books 4 Bhutan drive at the end of term was a tremendous success with students donating an amazing number of wonderful books that were in pristine condition. See below, the picture of the students we are helping. They certainly look like they appreciate what we have done for them!

Congratulations to this hard working band of students:

About Bhutan

Bhutan is a country located on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas, in between India and China. It has isolated itself for centuries but has recently let the outside world in since the 1970s while keeping to their traditions. The Bhutanese call Bhutan 'Druk Yul', meaning the land of the thunder dragon.

A Call to Arms

A trip to Bhutan in July 2017 for Monique and Camille Cheng and their parents has inspired them to want to help the students at K Gangri Primary School where they visited while they were there. K- Gangri Primary School is located in Paro, the second largest city in Bhutan. They were surprised to find their library consisted only of a three-shelved bookcase and they only had two computers for their 180 students. They were told by their travel guide that the schools in rural Bhutan had even fewer resources which made the girls feel they really wanted to help in some way.

Despite the great need across the country, the girls have chosen the school they visited as their starting point for this project. They feel that starting with a school in the city with the aim to expand to the more rural parts of Bhutan will be the best way to begin. Also because K-Grangi Primary School is a private school, they do not need to get permission from the government to assist this school, thus avoiding significant delays.

The Cheng Family have already donated some of the books they no longer need as well as a set of encyclopaedia that the Senior Library was able to provide. Seeing the difference this has made has motivated them to enlist the help of the students here at DSCG by donating books they are finished with.

In their team, Monique and Camille have Angeline Guo, Patty Lohachipitaks, Lucia Tara Stockman and Skye Young. These girls are committed to working together to promote the project and take care of the logistics need to ensure a successful outcome. I am sure you will all want to support them in this endeavour.

The K- Grangi Primary School

The K-Grangi  Primary School is a school located in Paro. It was established by three women who quit their jobs at the government school as they felt like they were not able to provide the proper attention and care that their students deserved. This school believes that students should not only be taught the regulated syllabus but lessons which expand upon the students' talents and interests. This site will provide more information:

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Why Bhutan and the K-Grangi Primary School need books

Reading is important, as it is fundamental in today's society. Since you need to read everywhere, from reading signs to looking at instructions on a medicine bottle. Additionally Reading is vital in order to find a good job. Almost all decent jobs require reading as part of job performance, lack of reading skills will hinder their skills and chance at a well-paying job. Lastly, reading also develops the mind, the mind is a muscle and needs exercise. Teaching children to read will help them to grow language and listening skills. These lack of listening skills actually are the cause of many major misunderstandings, leading to job loss, marriage, breakups etc.

How you can help

Any books in good condition that are suitable for children from 3 years to 12 years can be left the boxes for the book drive which can be found on both levels of the library.