Jo Furniss

Jo Furniss, Jo Furniss is the author of All the Little Children and her latest murder mystery The Trailing Spouse. Now living back in the UK, she is also a freelance journalist and mother of two students who used to attend our college!

Jo has agreed to be our next author in our 'Coffee and Conversation 'series. We are looking forward to chatting with her on Tuesday 30 October at 2:45pm in the Senior School Library Oval Room.

After school on that day, Jo will also be working with Snowdon's Creative Writing CCA, talking to the young writers about her life as a journalist and then an author. We are really looking forward to welcoming Jo back to DCSG

Don't miss this opportunity to hear her talk about her new book – The Trailing Spouse. A domestic thriller set in the expat world of Singapore, it follows the story of two women – Amanda Bonham and Camille Kemble.

Amanda Bonham moved halfway around the world to be with the man she loves. Although expat life in Singapore can be difficult, Edward Bonham is a dream husband and a doting father to his teenage daughter, Josie. But when their maid dies in suicide – and Amanda discovers that the woman was pregnant and hiding a stash of drugs prescribed to Edward – she could not help but wonder if her perfect husband has a fatal flaw.

Camille Kemble also has questions for Edward. Having returned to Singapore recently, Camille is determined to resolve a family mystery. She keeps seeing Edward’s handsome face amid a jumble of faded childhood memories, and she wants to know why.

For one woman, the search for answers threatens everything she has. For another, it is the key to all she lost. Both will follow his trail of secrets into the darkness to find the truth.

t was wonderful to welcome author Jo Furniss back yesterday afternoon to speak with our parents and budding Senior School writers. Copies of her books 'All the Little Children' and her fabulous new psychological thriller 'The Trailing Spouse' are available in the library.

Jo, who returned to Singapore for the Writer's Festival enthralled parents with a reading from her new novel. Set here in Singapore, 'The Trailing Spouse' exposes the dark side of expat life in Singapore and its clever plot lines keep its readers guessing right to the end.

Jo is currently working on a third novel. She tells us it's a domestic thriller about an American journalist, Rose Kynaston, who moves to the UK to live in her British husband’s hometown. But whereas Jo got a warm welcome when she recently moved back to the UK, Rose discovers that her in-laws are hated by the local community, and when a body is the on the family property, she wonders if the vitriolic about her husband and his family might be true… Sadly, we have to wait until early 2020 to read it!

Many thanks to FOD for the sponsorship of this event.