Aysha Baqir

Don't miss this opportunity to hear Aysha talk about her recently published book Beyond the Fields - a critical, timely look at norms and traditions that discriminate and disempower girls and women in our world. This story is about two twin girls, Zara and Tara, who navigate issues of identity and honour in a society which penalises the less fortunate and shows no mercy to those who become victims of tragedies like rape and prostitution.

A really interesting Coffee and Conversations With An Author this morning. Aysha Baqir spoke with parents about her recently published debut novel 'Beyond the Fields'. This book, set in Southern Punjab, is a timely look at profound inequalities and traditions that disempower women in our world, and survival as a dance to the beat of a different future.

Love that this author is so intent on being part of the ideal that we should all be working together on “pulling women up”.