Choo Wai Hong

We are kicking off a series of monthly author event in the Senior Library at 9 am on Tuesday, 2 October. Choo Wai Hong will be our first author. I have read her book and she has a fascinating story to tell.

Wai Hong left her career with top law firms in Singapore and California before taking early retirement in 2006 to travel and write. Her book is about the last surviving matrilineal and matriarchal society in the world - the Masou tribe.

On her journey across China to find her roots she encountered this tribe in Yunnan province. Wai Hong lived with the Masuo for six years and wrote an insiders account of these extraordinary people - The Kingdom of Women: Life, Love and Death in China’s Hidden Mountains .

Wai Hong continues to spend half of the year with the Mosuo tribe and the other half in Singapore. Please set this date aside to come and hear her remarkable story.

Above - Choo Waihong enthralling our parents at the first 'Coffee and Conversations with an Author' session in the Senior School library. Talking about her book, The Kingdom of Women: Life, Love Death in China’s Hidden Mountains, Waihong provided an in-depth understanding of what life was like living in the Yunnan Province in China for six years among the Mosuo, one of the last surviving matrilineal and matriarchal societies in the world.

FORBISIA Writing Competition Successes 

This year we hosted the FOBISIA short story writing competition here at the College. Students across Asia were invited to write stories inspired by the College's theme - 'Home' - and submitted their best to be entered into the competition which was judged Choo Waihong.

We are very grateful to Wai Hong for all the effort she put into judging the entries

Students from our College have since made their entries into a collection of short stories, and, I have to say, I was overwhelmed with the exceptional quality and maturity of the work.

To celebrate the creativity amongst our budding young writers, we compiled an anthology of the shortlisted Every story is unique and you can click here to read them. Well done to all involved!