The Senior School Library facilitates the management of the required textbooks and literary works used by each curriculum department. We maintain an inventory which runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and we do our best to be fiscally responsible and assist departments to track the textbooks they purchase and ensure they are well placed to meet the teaching/learning requirements of their subject.

Each department determines where their textbooks will be stored and teachers either send or bring their students to the library to check out required texts as needed. Each year a considerable percentage of the inventory is depleted due to lost and damaged books. Evidence indicates that this is currently due to a cultural perception where the community view is that the textbook access and possession is a reasonable entitlement of the school fees paid. In line with the College's commitment to sustainability and in the interest of improved budgetary management, the library staff are currently working with the College Leadership Team to review current practices in this area.

Each book a student checks out is assigned to that student. It is important for students to make sure they are using, and turning in, the books assigned to them. A Student ID is required to check out books.

Please note the following:

  • Students should ALWAYS write their name and tutor group  in the plaque provided in the front cover.
  • Prior to lending, each book should be checked for damage
  • Books that are lost or damaged must be paid by the end of the semester, year or per-dtermined borrowing period
  • No additional books may be checked out for the next semester (or year) until these obligations are cleared.

Lost Textbooks

Users are asked to report lost or damaged materials to the Senior Library as soon as they become aware of the situation.

Charges for lost or damaged materials will be calculated as the cost of replacement (retail price at time of purchase) plus an additional SGD7 shipping and processing fee.

A user is permitted to replace the lost item with an identical one in terms of title, ISBN and format. The replacement item must be in new condition, as judged by the Senior Library team. In such cases processing costs will be waived.

The full cost will be charged for any resource returned damaged if, in the opinion of the Senior Library team, the extent of the damage renders the resource unsuitable for circulation. Users may keep any damaged items which they have paid for.

See below, a copy of the proforma email sent to students who lose textbooks:

Information for Leavers

Once the Senior Library has been notified that a student is confirmed as leaving, their last date is set in the library system for two weeks prior to their actual leaving date. An e-mail is sent to parents to advise them when textbooks and other library materials must be returned.

The Finance department will be notified of leavers with outstanding charges upon the student’s leaving date. The library then endeavours to ensure textbooks and other materials are returned, or lost items paid for.