NoodleTools is a web-based student research service that helps you correctly cite sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Use NoodleTools throughout a research project to track your sources, take notes, create outlines, collaborate with classmates, and format and print your bibliography.

Office 365 single-sign-on has been enabled for our school-wide NoodleTools subscription. There are two ways a user can access NoodleTools:

1. Entering their Office 365 email on the login screen (under "Access via Office 365")
2. The link: 

Log on and use the citation building and collaboration features of this powerful tool. Save time, stay organized, avoid plagiarism, and generate perfectly formatted reference lists!

Here is a short explanation of how sign-on works:

An extensive number of tutorials can be accessed 

Noodletools PDF Tutorials

Here you can also find many archived webinars which walk you through how to do the many things you will want to do using NoodleTools:

The above website includes several tutorial videos to show you how to use the features of NoodleTools

Using Notecards in NoodleTools: 

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