Access it here or download the app here.

BorrowBox is an electronic library that allows students to borrow either audiobooks or ebooks at any time of day, from anywhere. BorrowBox is available online or as an app that can be downloaded to smartphones or mobile devices. Once they've downloaded the books they don’t even need to remain online to enjoy them.

Is there an eBook or audiobook you would like added to Borrow Box?

We can try to help with this. Not all books have been created as eBooks or audiobooks but if BorrowBox have access to them we can buy them for the collection. Use this form to make a request.

Instructions on downloading:

Step 1 - Download the BorrowBox app onto your device.

Step 2 - Click Library and search for Dulwich College (Singapore).

Step 3 - ID/Barcode is the student email and PIN/Password is your Firefly/ Dulwich Microsoft 365 account password. For example:

PW: DcsgXXXXXX (student number with 00"s in front)

Step 4: Enter email one more time

Step 5: Disregard the other steps and click done.

The BorrowBox App allows you to download eBooks and eAudiobooks directly onto your smart device:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod -- App Store (try your usual store but if it is not yet available please use the Singapore store)

  • Android -- Google Play

You can download eBooks and eAudiobooks directly to your PC or Apple Mac computer:

  • If downloading eBooks to a computer, Adobe Digital Editions will be required, and you will need to create an Adobe ID. On launch of ADE click on Help > Authorize Computer. On the following screen choose Adobe ID from the dropdown menu and enter your Adobe ID and password. You will now be able to download titles from the BorrowBox site directly to your computer.

  • eAudiobooks can be downloaded from the BorrowBox site to your computer and listened to on any MP3 compatible media manager or media device.

The BorrowBox App is supported on Kindle Fire and available to download from the Amazon App store. Other Kindle Readers are not compatible with BorrowBox as applications are locked by Amazon. BorrowBox is also available on any eReader that supports Adobe Digital Editions. A comprehensive list of eReaders that support AdobeDigital Editions can be found here:

Parent access to BorrowBox:

BorrowBox can be opened by the same users simultaneously on 6 devices making it a viable for parents to use with their kids. In order to access BorrowBox, a parent simply needs to log into their child's account and use the same login details -  for up to 6 different devices.

Remember to return the book as soon as you have finished using it as each user can only borrow 2 eBooks & 2 eAudiobooks at any one time.

BorrowBox F&Qs:

Students can follow these steps to down to download the app to their device and get started:

Step 1 - download the BorrowBox app onto your device.

 Step 2 - search for Dulwich College (Singapore).

Step 3 - enter login details for your Dulwich Microsoft 365 account.

Step 4 - agree Ts & Cs ( we've read them for you)

Step 5 - enter your College email address again (you'll only have to do this and all the other steps above the first time you set up your account on your device).

Step 6 - the first time you set up your account on your device you will be offered 19 screen tips which you might want to review as a means to deepen your understanding of how to maximize effective use of the platform.

Step 7 - once you start to use the app your loans and reserves will show on this page.

Step 8 - you can choose eAudiobooks

Step 9 - or choose eBooks

Step 10 - customize your search by choosing the age level and/or genre you are interested in.